Amazon Rights Owner - Complaint Retraction - Listing Reinstatement

Amazon Rights Owner - Complaint Retraction - Listing Reinstatement

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Amazon Rights Owner - Complaint Retraction & Listing Reinstatement

Ninety (90) Day Subscription Service that allows Amazon seller complete access to unlimited rights owner complaint retraction.  Addtionally we will appeal to immediately reinstate any blocked or closed listings due to any type of rights owner complaint filed against your account.   


Aggressive strategies help sellers to get their ASINs reinstated, providing strategic appeal plans that cover every detail of Amazon’s extensive requirements for reinstatement.


Our strategy involves a thorough initial investigation of your account by our seasoned analysts, followed by a comprehensive report that clearly outlines the main issues for you. After we examine your account, we will immediately draft an appeal plan for you that covers every angle of the suspension.


Lastly we work directly with rights owners registered with Amazon seller performance to completely retract all complaint ID's filed.  Complete retraction of all complaints is the surefire solution to get your listing(s) reinstated immediately.  


Retraction Complaint Types:  Copyright Infringement, Patent Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and any other rights owner complaints that can close your listing or result in the suspension of your Amazon seller account. 


This ninety (90) day subscription based service is fully  GUARANTEED.  We guarantee the complete retraction of ALL rights onwner complaint ID(s) filed against your Amazon seller account or your MONEY BACK!